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How to Make a Great Recruitment Video

It is without a doubt that in 2019 video content is king. With video now accounting for around 80% of all global internet traffic it is no wonder huge numbers of employers and recruiters are now utilising video online. Videos help reach more candidates, attract attention, present your brand in an engaging way, increase application rates, save time, and most importantly, save money. The list goes on.

Video for Recruitment
Top Reasons to use video for recruitment

Getting the right talent into your organisation is vital. With baby boomers now retiring and millennials changing jobs in record numbers, it is now even more important for companies to be recruiting the right candidates. Getting your recruitment video content right is absolutely essential in this process.

Here's how to make sure you are making the most of the recruitment video content you are putting out.

Show & Don't Tell

Showcase what it visually looks like to work with your organisation and don't have minutes and minutes worth of explanations down to the final detail. The heart and soul of good video content is emotion. Get the candidates to see it all without boring them with line after line of detail which can be covered in a leaflet or website.

Be Authentic

No matter what a famous TV presenter once said you cannot fake authenticity, doubly so with millennials. Don't try to be something you are not. It simply will not work. It is okay to show the human face of the organisation.

Display Growth Potential

If we could include only one element on this list it would be far and away this point. Show your companies growth potential and where the potential candidate could fit into that growth. Young talented professionals want to be part of something and seeing that potential growth is what will attract them to your company.

Expose your Culture

This point is key if you want to attract a long term candidate that will slip seamlessly into your team. Save time and money by showcasing your companies culture vibrantly in your video. Remember to be authentic, even if it means being daft or self deprecating.

Show Off Your Team

This one goes hand in hand with the previous point as candidates want to see who they will be working, and learning, alongside. Show off the talent you already have and get them on-screen. The more diverse and creative they are the better. You are helping the candidate visualize themselves as part of that team.

Show Lifestyle & Social Aspects

In truth some candidates will be choosing a lifestyle as well as a job or career. Show off any social perks your company offers. In some cases you could even show off local coffee spots, bars and community amenities. It is all part of the lifestyle they can experience as a part of your team.

Include Company Leaders

Get potential candidates to see or hear from company leaders in the video. This will help to show a more inviting and open company which they will prefer. There is no use saying how great it will be working for your team if senior leaders do not even appear. Remember the video will be viewed by one person over a desk or phone not an audience. Its a personal experience in many ways.

Inject Life

I have chosen the word life here as I consciously staying away from a certain word beginning with “Q” , ending with “Y” and rhyming with Thirty.

Keep the video fun(ny), engaging and light. Don't steer into a stuffy corporate stance which is often the case. The video needs to inspire excitement in the candidate not send them to sleep.

Keep it Short

Yes there is an intense sense of irony in saying this in a blog which has amassed nearly 1000 words now...

Keeping your video short, 90 to 120 seconds, should be enough to light a spark in a potential new team member. Don't assume they will wait around to hear the best bits that come after around 3 minutes of talking heads.

With that we will leave you with an example of a recruitment video we created with the Hawkwood Recruitment based in London.

"We partnered with Shade Luma on a video to support our recruitment drive and found it to be an excellent, novel way to get the personality of the team and general culture across to potential candidates. We’ve added the video link to our approaches via LinkedIn and have had some great feedback from target candidates!"

Kristian James,

Hawkwood Recruitment, Founder


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