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Make a Successful Social Media Video Ad

Create a Successful Social Media Video Ad
Create Unique Imagery.

It is no secret now that social media video ads have become common practice for many businesses marketing strategies. With Facebook, Instagram and countless others making it easier and easier for companies to successfully utilise the medium and to attract new potential customers and leads.

There is no exact science behind making a great video ad for social media but there is clearly a commonality in the videos ads that are successful.

Here are our top 5 things to consider.

Time is not on your side

As with all online content you have a minuscule amount of time to grab customers attentions with recent studies showing the following the most successful social media video ads are coming in at around 16-20 seconds. It really shows how creative you need to be to get your message across.

Unique Visuals

Create Unique Imagery for Social Media Video Ads

Now this is the hard part. You have to stand out if you want people to pay attention for even 5 of those 16-20 seconds. Nothing says "keep scrolling" like a talking head interview or wide shot of a work space. This is the part where you have to get inside the head of your potential clients and really consider what would leap out at them.

Not the time for Detail

Simplicity is key for VIdeo Ads

It simply goes without saying at this stage that you simply don't have time to start packing in detail here. Why the hell would you anyway? So much of what is effective about video is about emotion and visuals. Now is the time to make people grab people, leave the detail for later.

The Sound of Silence

High End Visuals

So you've just made a mini masterpiece. Hours of painstaking attention to every detail has gone into perfecting the perfect video for you ad campaign.

What's it like with the sound off?

Most ads now will appear in someones timeline in silence. Can your video ad rely solely on it's visuals to gather attention. This does not mean sound isn't important, not by a long shot. If people are grabbed by your ad you can bet they will click on in to the player and watch it with sound. Don't reward their curiosity with more silence.

High Quality Content

High Quality Video Content

This goes without saying. The content you release is a reflection of your brand or product. If the quality of the video is poor this is exactly what potential clients and customers will think of you, your product and brand. The only thing worse than not using video in an ad campaign is a bad video.

From our experience these are the most important things to consider. Have fun with it.



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